Bāb installation view 2.jpg

Bāb, meaning ‘door’ or ‘gate’ in English, is a site-specific installation that focuses on difficult issues related to preserving the old city of Jeddah. Despite all the efforts that have been exerted to rescue the old city, it is still struggling to survive. However, preserving this city is a very delicate task because any attempts to intervene on its behalf must tackle both its complexity and vibrancy. 

To produce this project, Ayman Zedani used the world heritage site map of Jeddah as his point of departure. Working creatively and systematically, he transformed the map into 54 concrete cubes by highlighting buildings in the city and embedding them in the cubes in the form of negative space, which signifies the duality of the absence and presence of the site. 

Bāb close up.jpg
bab map and dot map.jpg