Khorfakkan Cinema.jpg

Khorfakkan Cinema is a series of ten works on paper that have materialized after a research undertaken during Sharjah Art Foundation’s March Project 2018. The cinema, which has been active from 1978 until 2006 was the first, and for a while the only, cinema on the entire UAE eastern coast. The cinema attracted publics from Kalba, Dibba, Fujairah and Khor Fakkan of various nationalities, until the cinema was shut down in 2006 due to renovation needs.

Zedani collected pieces that had fallen from the cinema’s decaying façade and grinded them into fine pigments which served as the paint. This particular process brought out unique pigment which were then used to paint a circle that signifies a lens of an observer, a camera and a projector. But most importantly, it serves as a symbol in which the material itself can evoke the rich history of the site. 

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