In my last show a series of my work was censored, supposedly for aniconism- the actual reasons are never provided by the authorities. The series portrayed faces, and in Islam there are certain against the creation of images of sentient beings. The absolute proscription is of images of God, followed by depictions of Muhammad (PBUH) but the depiction of all humans is discouraged in the Hadith and by the long Islamic Sunni tradition.

The suppression of the unacceptable parts of my artwork led me to my a replacement series of work - Mindscape, which was accepted for exhibition and was on display in Riyadh late 2015.

The newly created series was the manifestation of the impotence felt due to the restrictions, as well as the mandated erasure. The new pieces were minimalist- clean sculptural pieces that relied on physical manipulation to create different visual effects using paper.

The work not only explored the ubiquitous nature of the art object; paper, but also the expectation that the public should have an active and dynamic role in understanding, interpreting, and appreciating art work.