this series centers on architecturally dynamic paper work that broadcast the intimate and explorative process of creation and showcase the variable nature of perspective. Paper is a device for introspection; a vital part of the distortion of perspective needed to think outside the norm. This series of work is a volumetric take on space; it combines the temporal aspect of paper with the idea of space as a container. By manipulating form and perception, Zedani’s work captures the idea of warping rules. The medium is part of Zedani’s artistic process in Squares & Spheres. The tactile experience of working with paper as a substrate, not a medium, is central to the series of work. The three-dimensional works explore line-work and cutting as the producers of new, illusory spaces that morph depending on the viewer’s position.The shapes created in the series are reminiscent of the planetary forms that are a continuing motif throughout Zedani’s oeuvre. The allure of Zedani’s paper work is as much in the finished product as in the process. Every fold and crease pays reverence to the material and its infinite potential.