All of Zedani's work revolves around his interest in the ephemeral nature of the universe. What starts off as mere observation soon becomes debased in hegemony of perspective, leaving a new synthesis of experience both for the viewer and himself. 

With influences as diverse as the Higgs-field phenomena to Andy Warhol’s repetitive trend, new narratives are manufactured from both technical knowledge and metaphysical interpretation. Linear interplay of structure as well as a manipulation of various medias are utilised to coherently explore ideas of his attempt to understand the concept of an outer world and its link with one’s internal world; or rather, interpretation. 

The appearance of the external world is only importance in how we interpret it on a daily basis.  Our belief in the external world is crafted from our understanding of both orderly and random experiences, and through logic harmony with nature is possible. His interest by the theoretical limits of the universe is manipulated with his understanding and handling of perspective. 

We experience everything through the lens of our connection, directly or indirectly. At the end of the day, we are never isolated beings, and our understanding of the world is derived through our links, asymmetrical or not, we avoid annihilation and linearity by these connections fighting against the meaningless of existence.